Bron Batton on First Dates, French Kissing, and Portuguese Bowels……

What can we expect from the show?
Awkwardness, fun, wine, cheese, more awkwardness and hopefully some romantic magic. The show is a bit like any first date really- anything could happen!
Are you expecting dating in New Zealand to differ much from in Australia?
I hope not! I’ve been on dates all over the world and have found them to be largely similar- in that both people are trying hard to make a good impression and appeal to the other person. If it’s going well that is- although French men have a tendency to be very confident!
Would this show have been the same if you had performed it a decade ago, or has dating changed so much in the era of Tinder and social media?
The show probably wouldn’t exist! Online dating is really entrenched in popular culture now- it’s the way most of my friends have met their long-term partners. Though what I think online dating has done in a really scary way is increase our ability to dismiss people very quickly and arbitrarily due to the medium. We’re spoilt for choice and it’s not necessarily a good thing…
Worst date you’ve ever been on?
I met a very handsome Portugese man whose opening line was about how he had irritable bowel syndrome but I met a man in London who was quite possibly on cocaine the entire time. He was a self-proclaimed ‘reiki master’ who chain smoked cigarettes but didn’t drink alcohol because it polluted the body’s energy channels. It got to the point where I was stabbing myself in the leg with my own fingernails every time he opened his mouth, just so I could distract myself from what he was saying and focus on the pain instead- which was infinitely more pleasant. Eventually I thought someone was going to jump out with a video camera and say it was all a joke and that he was an actor trained especially in repelling women. Except that it wasn’t. It was my life.
Onstage Dating opens at The Basement on 7 Feb. Find out more. Book tickets! 
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