We’ve been thinking about you and we can’t keep it a secret any longer. We want you to know we like you. And not just in a Facebook way, we heart you big time. It’s Love. There, we said it.

We’re totally open to loving which ever way you like it!

- Some of our Lovers like to give to specific projects like our School's Programme,
- Others prefer to give us their time and expertise so we’ve developed collab relationships with them.
- Maybe you’d like to go steady with regular payroll giving, or
- If you’re more into one-offs we can do that too!

We’re big on new ideas. So if you’ve got one, let us know! We’d also like to find out what gets your heart pumping – whether it’s our youth programme, upgrading our venue or a particular show - we can talk this over to see how best to build our relationship around this.

We know communication is the key to good relationships, so why don’t you send us a love letter back (no pressure) to lovers@basementtheatre.co.nz and let us know exactly what tickles your fancy. We would be delighted to hear from you.

The fact is without you we are an empty shell; you are the blood that keeps our heart beating and the music that keeps our toes tapping, you make us a very happy theatre.

Forever yours,

The Basement xo

PS. If you are just bursting with love and want to get this relationship rolling quick smart, then you can click below to go to our Give a Little page where you can donate and become a Lover instantly.

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