We’ve been thinking about you and we can’t keep it a secret any longer. We want you to know we like you. And not just in a Facebook way, we heart you big time. It’s Love. There, we said it.

The fact is without you we are an empty shell; you are the blood that keeps our heart beating and the music that keeps our toes tapping, you make us a very happy theatre.

Even though we’d like to jump in with both feet you may want to take it slow, and that is totally cool, but we want you to know up front that if you love us we will love you back with all our heart.

So tell us out how you feel, would you like to be...


A crush $100+

Receive relationship updates of how your love has made a difference, early release of the programme, placement on the wall of love and a special gift pack of love just for you.

But hey this might be getting real, we’ve had a few dates so maybe we’re now…


Sweethearts $1,000+

Receive a special invite to our BLC Christmas show and celebrations, a double pass to a show of your choice each season and all the love above.

Or perhaps you’d like to take it to the next level and start...


Going Steady $2,000+

Receive a special invitation to four special BLC events throughout the year, including the Christmas show, and oh my gosh you’ll even get dedicated seating, plus all the love above.

But maybe you just want to go all the way to...


Soul Mates $5,000+

Now this is getting serious. Because we want to see you all the time you’ll receive unlimited double passes to all our shows, a thoughtful gift hand picked just for you, plus all of the above.

Or if you have something else in mind we’d love to chat about how it could work.

If you are still reading this then maybe we could make it official, send us a love letter back (no pressure) to lovers@basementtheatre.co.nz.

Forever yours,

The Basement xo